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 v255a has two IF setups. v255a has two IF setups.
-Start fringe check using main dual pol setup (in main table above). After fringes have been found we will change to the singlepol, split frequency setup. v255a starts with the split frequency setup, so ensure this change is made before the end of the fringe test experiment.+Start fringe check using main dual pol setup (in main table above).  Please see v255a wiki for general description and telescope specific notes below of what to do when.
-For ATCA and Mopra, start with the "vc050a" schedule then the "vc050b" schedule. For the other telescopes, it does not matter as the only difference is the frequency setup.+Do not run diskclean. Some vc050 data will be kept for DAS delay calibration.
 +[[lbaops:lbamar208:vc050notes | Correlation Notes]]
 ===== Observing comments for each antenna: ===== ===== Observing comments for each antenna: =====
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