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Schedule for all vc050 tests is vc050. It is a relative schedule. The following steps should be done (change to next step should coordinated with other telescopes). Note in wiki what is recorded when!

  • CACAL: Track 1 and cacal, then track 2 and cacal. Start next step when other telescopes are ready
  • DAS1/DAS2 calibration: Track 1 and record channels 1-8.
  • IFP2/IFP2 calibration: Track 1 and record channels 1-4.
  • Split mode fringe check: Track 2 and record channels 2,3,7,8.

At end track 3 - it is the first source of the main schedule.


/data/xraid3  08:30-08:38   ATNF V013B
/data/internl 08:38-08:50
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