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Schedules for all vc050 tests are vc050a and vc050b. The following steps should be done (change to next step should coordinated with other telescopes). Note in wiki what is recorded when!

  • DAS1/DAS2 calibration: Schedule vc050a. Record channels 1-8 (DAS1&DAS2 6.7 GHz)
  • IFP2/IFP2 calibration: Schedule vc050a Record channels 1-4 (DAS1 6.7 GHz)
  • Split mode fringe check: Schedule vc050b. Record channels 2,3,7,8 (Lcp 6.3/6.7 GHz)

Recorded onto /data/removable (at Mopra)

08:30-08:50 ATNF V006B

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