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vt12a Setup:

Description e-APT disk test
Antennas At-Mp-Pa-Ho-Ks-Sh
Start 88 02:00:00
Stop 88 07:00:00
PI Chris Phillips
Channel 1 DAS #1 IFP#1-LO 8409 - 8425 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 DAS #1 IFP#1-HI 8425 - 8441 MHz USB RCP
Channel 3 DAS #1 IFP#2-LO 8409 - 8425 MHz USB LCP
Channel 4 DAS #1 IFP#2-HI 8425 - 8441 MHz USB LCP
Channel 5 DAS #2 IFP#1-LO 8441 - 8457 MHz USB RCP
Channel 6 DAS #2 IFP#1-HI 8457 - 8473 MHz USB RCP
Channel 7 DAS #2 IFP#2-LO 8441 - 8457 MHz USB LCP
Channel 8 DAS #2 IFP#2-HI 8457 - 8473 MHz USB LCP
DAS 1 Skyfreq 8425.00 MHz
DAS 2 Skyfreq 8457.00 MHz
Bandwidth 16 MHz
DAS Mode (telescope)



If you have skype please contact xhris.phillips and I will add you to the current LBA chat session


Please record onto Mark5a, using module supplied but Curtin. Do not ship to Curtin before we try and copy some data off. If disk space avasilabe, please record in parallel on LBADR system for DAS1 frequencies above. We will only keep max 2 hours of data.

ATCA and Mopra

Record using LBADR system with Huygens cable installed. Record onto removable disks.


Record using Mark5B system and LBADR


Record using Mark5a system. After the experiment we will discuss trying to send data over internet to ATNF


Record using K5 system. After experiment please convert to Mark5b format and we will discuss trying to send data over internet to ATNF.

Observing comments for each antenna:

Observing Logs

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