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The log from experiment vt12a has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

recording mark5 to module CURT-001 commenced at 088/0250 UT approx

Also recording LBAHDR to last part of SWINV007A1-7 P1 for the period from 088/0345 to 088/0440 or there abouts

Then to SWINV013-B1-7 for the period from 088/0442 till 0600

Then to SWINV007A1-7 P2 for the period from 088/0600 to 088/0700 or thereabouts

LBADR data before 088/0144 deleted then LBADR data before 0345 deleted

The .prc file generated by drudg was edited manually for this experiment. Changes made were frequencies, LSB not USB, LO from 8080 to 8800, added an IF3 line. Patching was changed in the rack but not a drama.

XbandDual.rxg file was generated based on calibration scans done at 8425 MHz. For geodesy, Tsys is normally in Kelvin but this dual pol astronomy receiver has been setup to generate Tsys in Jy.

curt-001 disk pack has disks 0 and 1 removed because drive 0 appears faulty. Disk conditioned OK after this.

Please note that we have not used our formatter to record LSB on these tracks before.

Weather: mostly clear blue sky.

Observers: Jamie M, Cliff, Brett.

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