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Ceduna is harder to setup, as (when I left) there was no way to check nor correct the polarisation. In this telescope the polarisation is derived from the quarter wave plates fitted in front of the linear feeds. All that I can think to do in this case is to visually check that these are in place and indeed orientated as close to 45 degrees from the two feeds as possible.


RCP into Chan 1 on Frequency Translator, LCP into Chan 2

Sky Freq 8425, Agilent 13050, Fixed 4100 = IF 525, SMY LO 627

DAS profile = VSOP.PRO

used 10th harmonics for coherence at 841.4 (→8414) and 843.0 (→8430)

Recorded to disks SWIN V020B, labels SWIN_V020B_P1

Took calibration scans before experiment, found a much improved system temperature after cable fix and external reference fix. Scans on 3C161 showed that the SEFD's were 574 and 585 Jy, corresponding to cal heights of 87 and 83.

During experiment in the early morning, the antenna drives occasionally switched themselves off without warning. The drive logs give the cause as Over-Current faults. This did not result in a large loss of observing time however.

Experiment was stopped at 15:59 UT and restarted at slightly after 16:00 UT to ensure that a change to daylight savings rules this year did not affect the VSIB recorder time; it did not.

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