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Recording to ATNF V011 A1-7 mounted as /data/xraid1

IF1 RCP, IF2 LCP, DAS Profile

Obs Freq. 22.316 MHz, 2nd LO 481.4 GHz

Observers: Shinji Horiuchi

DOY 089

Fine weather with patchy clouds

07:59:50 started the first source

(08:40:00 opration D-team Mark took over)

20:44:00 observation terminated for scheduled antenna maintenance

DOY 090

04:30:40 resumed schedule and on source

Fine weather

07:00:00 end of the track

Note added on 12 April 2011

Calibration tables v252wti_rcp.tsys, v252wti_lcp.tsys, and v252wti.flag have been uploaded to ftp incoming directory. Please note that absolute tsys scales may not be properly calibrated. Errors in the scales may be up to 20 percent.

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