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C-band setup
4828 sky freq
agilent 10.5
SML 680 2nd LO
coherence tone 482.3 10th harmonic produces 5 MHz baseband on band splitter1
DAS profile 16_UL_N.PRO
Takes about 8 minutes to change bands!
Disks UTAS V001A
channels 1-4. UTAS Wiki was wrong here. Also it was wrong on 2nd LO and coherence tone.
2012.071.12:37:59.94;“will change to L-band shortly.
2012.071.13:00:29.54;”das had crashed adjusting levels now
2012.071.13:04:40.13;“L band mode change started 1240UT and completed 1247UT
2012.071.13:05:04.61;”however there seemed to be a levels problem.
DAS program was restarted and levels adjusted to correct values by 1300 UT
L-band setup is:
sky freq 1660
Agilent 4.05 GHz. Moved 50 MHz from nominal to try and level the passband
SML 2nd LO 642
RX atten 14.06 dB
quad in
No idea how many steps out from in limit is the trombone.
DAS profile
that's all.
2012.071.13:33:50.78;“Antenna was at low elevation to North and RFI became stronger at thye lower elevation.
2012.071.13:34:16.85;”Observers were Brett Reid, Jay Blanchard.

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