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disks are CURT V001B

Agilent 16.6

SML 636

SMY 892.2 for coherence which did not show.

DAS profile

Jo Dawson observing remotely, Brett at the site.

2012.066.02:05:57.40;“weather is very cloudy and often raining

2012.066.02:09:22.96;”just switched SMY into vertexradiator 0dBm to OFF

2012.066.02:12:00.12;“recorder was off. now recording again

2012.066.02:13:20.58;”blue lights flashing on A Xserve left hand bank

2012.066 ~ 03:40: Noticed bigbuf was filling up. Jay killed something that was hitting the other two x-raid banks. Bigbuf status returned to 100%.

2012.066 ~ 15:00 ups replaced. power failure ~1245UT. no good data between these times (recorder stopped for most of this time)

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