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Recording to ATNF V015B. Weather: Unknown, observations being made remotely from Hobart

Agilent frequency is 11.1 GHz. LOs are 810 and 810/468 MHz, with 7 dB attenuation.

Coherence was checked using 664.7 MHz

DAS profile is VSOP.PRO. LCP is connected to SMY03 (channel 2), and RCP to SMY01 (channel 1).

Clock offset is 18.7 us (maser leading).

System temperature is ~500 Jy.

At the start of the observations there were some issues with the power levels into the DAS. Just prior to the session new 64 MHz bandpass filters were installed in the frequency translator and these seem to have reduced the power level into the DAS by a few (perhaps 10) dB. Some time was spent investigating this issue and as a result the first 30 minutes of the observations were missed. The first time the antenna was on source and recording was 04:31:07 UT

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