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Setup for Hobart :
Agilent 12.2 GHz, SML01 468/810 MHz, SML02 (AuScope SML) 810 MHz
DAS profile : VSOP.PRO
Recording to : ATNF V009A
Observers : Simon

Problem with the station H-maser power supply meant that we missed the first part of this experiment while that was being repaired. Recording of good data started at approximately 05:29:30 UT. Expect large rage for clock drift in this experiment. As of 11:30 UT, the clock offset is ~20.2 micro sec, with the maser leading GPS, this has drifted around 0.5 microseconds in the last 6 hours. SPE

Also, the 2nd, channel 2nd LO was on a different maser. A quick check showed that a coherence tone beats once about every 10 seconds. This was due to using the Auscope SML which is snchronised to Auscope maser, not NASA maser. Hope it is not too much of a challenge for the correlator. BR.

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