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ASKAP records 64 MHz bands x 2 pols. Centre of band at 1666 MHz, to match 1634-1698 MHz band recorded at other antennas as 4 x 16 MHz.

Ak schedule does not start till 09:07 as sources are below horizon before then.

Telescope did not see the sources till about 09:16:30UT, when they rose at the MRO. Schedule was running early but the telescope did not track at the start. Had to do a schedule restart.

Data recording started 09:00:34. But recorder gives occasional warnings of high RMS errors and buffer problems. Restarted recording 09:26:01. Warnings persisted.
Stopped recording 09:54:01UT. Restarted px14400 kernel driver. Back recording 09:54:29UT

Antenna drive crashed, sometime between 11:05-11:13UT. Recovered 11:33UT. Also buffer warnings from recorder… Reset and restarted recorder 11:42:37-11:42:54 UT.

Recorder stopped and started every ~2 hours, to minimise possible buffer problems.

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