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 +disks UTAS V002A\\
 +Agilent 4.1\\
 +SML 586\\
 +initial DAS profile is\\
 +sky freq center is 1666\\
 +coherence 1655 produces 5 MHz. (166.5 SMY)\\
 +2012.069.03:​08:​46.70;"​64 MHz mode change\\
 +2012.069.03:​09:​27.89;"​now ​  needs confirmation\\
 +2012.069.03:​09:​48.14;"​bg3 cable inserted at the same time\\
 +2012.069.03:​21:​40.81;"​did go to for a while and now changed back to\\
 +2012.069.03:​24:​22.07;"​seems like cal doesn'​t fire\\
 +2012.069.03:​50:​51.18;"​stopping to fix cal\\
 +2012.069.04:​11:​34.73;"​in service position currently\\
 +2012.069.04:​11:​57.04;"​will allow drives to start antenna moving shortly\\
 +2012.069.04:​13:​25.96;"​slewing now\\
 +2012.069.04:​29:​56.85;"​ignore all systemp readings before this time\\
 +2012.069.04:​32:​32.56;"​test tone off\\
 +2012.069.04:​33:​04.11;"​was on for several minutes\\
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