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Using DAS mode, as recommended by daspro.

Set up both L-band and C-band using the hybrid CABB profile cfb64_vlbi_1m-64m. This mode is required since (a) the PI wanted flux density measurements from the ATCA at the same time as the VLBI data (so we needed the 2 GHz continuum IF) and (b) both sets of VLBI frequencies (1668 MHz and 4836 MHz) cannot be used as central CABB frequencies (the lowest L-band central frequency is 1728 MHz, and the lowest C-band central frequency is 4928 MHz). I needed to change the C-band schedules to use a central frequency of 5348 MHz and the zoom channel 17 for this experiment.

Recording to cavsi1:/data/xraid0 (ATNF V008A).

Tied array with all 5 track antennas, reference antenna was CA04 on W104.

Recording from DAS2 only, since it is the only one that got tied array output from CABB with the hybrid mode.

CABB block 13 was taken off-line by the correlator at 19:01 UTC. This block handles CA05 1A for IF1, which in this case is the 2 GHz continuum IF. It went off-line during the period that we were observing the sources with v475.

Rebooted and reprogrammed block 13 at 19:05, and returned to 1934-638 at C-band with schedule re03oi-cal to redo delay calibration for that block.

Managed to loop through the v475 schedule twice, and came back to the re03oi VLBI schedule at 19:15, well in advance of the final block starting at 19:30.

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