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DAS Profile

Block0 ATT 0,0 dBm, DAS level IF1 marginal IF2 below threshhold

DSS-34 (34m) X-band RCP→ LNA1 (Hemt)

DSS-45 (34m) X-band RCP→ LONO→ LNA1 (Maser) → XD2-DDT1

2ndLO IF1 485 MHz, IF2 517 MHz

DOY 073

08:05 DSS-34 on source, recording to ATNF V011/A1-7 mounted as /data/xraid0

08:39 fringe to At and Pa confirmed

09:49:40 DSS-34 finished

09:57:05 DSS-45 started, recording to ATNF V011/B1-7 mounted as /data/xraid1

09:58:30 fringe to At, Cd, Ho, and Pa confirmed

14:59:40 End of the schedule

Note added on 28 May 2013

Tsys files and weather info have been uploaded to the incoming ftp site.

Note added on 30 May 2013

Flag table for DSS-45 has been uploaded to the incoming ftp site.

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