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Needed to do quite a bit of reconfig, so missed scan 1 of the schedule entirely.

Using DAS profile

Tied array includes all track antenna, reference is CA04 at W104.

Recording channels 1,2,5,6. At the start of the experiment, the LCP side of tied array box 1 is non-functional, but this is unimportant for this experiment.

Recording to cavsi1:/data/xraid1 (ATNF V002B).

10:48 am stopped observations in order to detach antenna 2 for scheduled maintenance. Around 10:50 observations started again with tied array 13456. At 10:57 I changed the tied array to 1345. (all times are local)

01:25 UTC - rephase array

04:40 UT stopped observations - restarted moniCA 04:43 UT restarted observations 04:45 UT antenna 2 was attached again 04:54 UT antenna 2 was tied into the array

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