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DAS Profile

Block0 ATT 0,0 dBm, DAS level IF1 marginal IF2 below threshhold

DSS-34 (34m) X-band RCP→ LNA1 (Hemt)

DSS-45 (34m) X-band RCP→ LONO→ LNA1 (Maser) → XD2-DDT1

2ndLO IF1 485 MHz, IF2 517 MHz

Recording to ATNF V011/B1-7 mounted as /data/xraid1

DOY 074

06:50:34 DSS-34 on source

07:02:00-07:44 fringe not found for Tid

08:10:00 Switch to DSS-45

08:15:00 Fringe found to Ak,At,Ho,Pa.

10:59:00 End of schedule

Tsys file: DSS-34 DC5, DSS-45 DC3

Note added on 28 May 2013

Tsys files and weather info have been uploaded to the incoming ftp site.

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