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MK5 experiment, DISK pack PKS+0010/8000/1024 (VSN command gave error for “+” but works for “-”).

DSS-45 (34m) X-band RCP→ LONO→ LNA2 (HEMT) → XD2-DDT1

DOY 074


11:14:49 fring found to Cd, Hh, Ke, Pa.

11:55:08 halt, switch to v271l main schedule


12:00 schedule start, but getting on the 2nd target instead

12:00:20 schedule restart (schedule=v271lti,#1)

12:00:38 gps-fmout +1.673E-007

17:33 planed schedule halt

Tsys DC3

DOY 075

08:13:54 on source with correct receiver path (RCP-LONO-HEMT)

11:56:20 planed schedule end

Tsys DC3

Note added on 28 May 2013

Tsys file, PC-field system log, and weather info file have been uploaded to the incoming ftp directory. Only limited info is available for the weather.

Note added on 3 June 2013

Flag tables for the DSS-45 observations on DOY 074 and 075 have been uploaded to the ftp area.

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