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CH1 DSS-34 (34m) X-band RCP→ LNA1 (HEMT)

CH2 DSS-45 (34m) X-band LCP→ LONO→ LNA1 (Maser) → XD2-DDT1

2ndLO CH1 485 MHz, CH2 485 MHz

Recording to ATNF V011/A1-7 mounted as /data/xraid0

Note for correlator: Band is flipped. It is ideal to invert spectra before DiFX.

DOY 075

12:00:00 both antennas on source

12:22:00-12:22:10 switch LNA from Hemt to Maser (SNT from 42.35 K to 27.20 K)

12:24:00 fringe to Ak,At,Pa, confirmed after Tid band inverted

12:45:40 on point for v464b source (0637-752)

13:00:00 start of schedule

14:40:00 planned end of DSS-34 (RCP)

18:00:00 planned end of DSS-45 (LCP)

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