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Experiment being recorded on disk CURT V006B

Agilent 6.2 GHz @ 14 dB

SML01/SML02 422 MHz @ 7 dB

SMY02 (Tone) 679.5 MHz @ 7 dB

The above settings are for 1354 MHz

The following settings are for 1327 MHz:

Agilent 6.2 GHz @ 14 dB

SML01/SML02 395 MHz @ 7 dB

SMY02 (Tone) 666 MHz @ 7 dB

NOTE: Tone had been left on from UT 21:49 to UT 22:53. Also adjusted the DAS levels at UT 22:56.

The IF was at the edge of one of the illegal frequencies, and the bandpass showed RFI in the central region. We changed the agilent and LO frequency by 1 MHz to correct for this at ~ UT 0000. We moved the pass band by another 1 MHz to get the RFI out from the edges of the band pass altogether.

The above step had to be fixed at UT 0018.

Agilent 6.198 GHz

SMLO1/SMLO2 397 MHz @ 7 dB —— This change was made to avoid the illegal frequencies for the IF.

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