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 Quadrature in, direct hybrid Quadrature in, direct hybrid
 DAS profile VSOP_HO.PRO DAS profile VSOP_HO.PRO
- coherence hard to findEnded up power cycling LO machines to get coherence. +couldnt get fringes. 
-Something not locked to reference. +LO 631 
-missed fringe check. will try get a fringe on bright source mid-experiment.+coherence at 325.2 MHz at bandpass split, and at 322 at fine tune port 
 +profile flipped?
 recorded to CURT007A from about 13:10 onward recorded to CURT007A from about 13:10 onward
 +On Monday following this experiment, some forensic analysis revealed that the VSOP profile had been overwritten with the profile from the radioastron experiment. JMac discovered this.
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