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Xcube tests

proj_LGR1011_2013_03_17_135737 11.9 GB


Recorded some v465b data in parallel with DAS. Using 64 MHz DAS setup - sky frequency (8425 MHz) centred on 96 MHz. No fringes. Xcube should be recorded without inverting IF signal. I think the IF single ins not inverted cf sky.

⇒ v465b-xcube.vdif


Record similar data vt10l. Test tone on at 8420 MHz (421 MHz x 20).

Tone in channel 14

⇒ vt10l-A.vdif

Turn off Tone

⇒ T59_E0_R2_2013_03_17_173736.lf1

Turn on back on and record some more data

 => T59_E0_R3_2013_03_17_183028.lf1

Try 512 MHz setup

Band 512 MHz centered on 8425 MHz. 512-1024 MHz IF (INVERTED!)

Record with no tone

⇒ T59_E0_R4_2013_03_17_183638.lf1

Turn back on 421 MHz

=> T59_E0_R5_2013_03_17_183924.lf1

Turn Tone to 691*12 ⇒ 8292 MHz

⇒ T59_E0_R6_2013_03_17_184649.lf1

Turn off tone and a longer run

⇒ T59_E0_R7_2013_03_17_184907.lf1

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