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Recording DAS1 to cavsi1:/data/xraid1

Recording DAS2 to cave-store:/data3

IF1, going to DAS1, is connected to CA01.

IF2, going to DAS2, is connected to CA03.

The tied-array reference antenna is CA03, on N14.

At the start of the recording at 22:52, both CA01 and CA03 were driven by the ATCA maser, as normal.

At 23:39, the ATCA tied array was corrected to produce circular polarisation.

At 23:57, the ATCA maser was removed from CA03.

At 00:06, CA03 was reconfigured to use the Mopra-loop maser signal.

At 02:15, recorders had finished at both observatories, and CA03 was reconfigured to use the normal ATCA maser signal.

At 02:30, the recorders were restarted to get some reference data.

1921-293 was quite low by the end of the experiment.

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