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Tied 12345 refant CA01, W104

No known problems

Manual pcal at 00:03 UTC

Corr sync problem at 00:32 UTC. Maybe lost a minute or 2 data from 00:30

Manual pcal at 0605 UT on 0426-380.

Note: there will likely be amplitude jumps at pcal times!

Pcals at 06:52:45, 07:02:40, 07:44.

Pcal at 07:57:40 (on 0405-385. The phases were way out for most of this scan before the pcal.)

Pcal at 08:06:50, 08:16, 08:32:45, 09:13:49.
…and a few other times before the end, including ~09:37, 10:07, 10:14, 10:22, 10:34.

Phases tracking (more-or-less) ok with time on a given source, although at times spread is larger than ideal. However, pcal solutions are only valid for that particular region of the sky. Need to be solved again after slewing to a new source. Will check effect on correlated visibilities, but in future this should probably be automatically scheduled at the start of each scan in v252. Almost all targets are sufficiently bright and compact for this to work. It is not required if a new source is close on the sky to the previous source (e.g. PKS 0405-385 and PKS 0426-380). Manual pcals are too much effort for an observer who is looking after multiple telescopes - also doing them mid-scan instead of at start results in a larger fraction of bad data. (HB)

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