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Refant CA04 on W104.

Recording on Xcube disk. Channels 1,2,5,6. RCP only.

Tied 12345.

Started 00:50 Ut. Fringes with Mp (01:15:01).

CA05 drive error from 01:05 UT.. Data contaminated?? with extra noise?

CA05 detached at 01:45 UT. Change tied array to 1234.

CA05 drive fixed and back 03:40UT. Array re-tied to 12345 at 04:49:40 UT at scan change.

CA05 broke again! at 04:12 UT. Array back to 1234 1234 at 04:31 UT

~05:00 UT stopped schedule in order to re-attach ca05, in order to start generators for all antennas. Once generators started, detached ca05 again, and restarted observing at 5:05UT.

05:31UT, ATCA storm stowed due to local lightning strikes.

06:22 restarted schedule… Still on generators. On source 06:26UT

07:20 - 07:21:30 Generator turned off.

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