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Recording DAS1 (7mm) to the local data disks (but I started with the wrong disk which had low space, before changing about 10 mins in). Recording DAS2 (3mm) to the xcube data disk.

Both DASes are running, and DAS1 (7mm) is running with inverted recording. Fringe checks before this experiment confirm fringes at 7mm and 3mm frequencies with Mopra (also running, and requires inverted recording on both recorders).

Started experiment with CA01 and CA05 at 7mm; CA02, CA03, CA04 are at 3mm. The reference position is CA04 on W104.

The seeing is pretty good at < 200 um. We are running with the mode that gives Tsys, but Tsys calibration doesn't seem to be working very well unfortunately.

ATCA lost DAS2 signal at 17:47 UTC due to a correlator block failure. Problem was noticed and corrected at 17:58.

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