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 +Recording DAS1 (7mm) to the local data disks (but I started with the wrong disk which had low space, before changing about 10 mins in). Recording DAS2 (3mm) to the xcube data disk.
 +Both DASes are running,​ and DAS1 (7mm) is running with inverted recording. Fringe checks before this experiment confirm fringes at 7mm and 3mm frequencies with Mopra (also running,​ and requires inverted recording on both recorders).
 +Started experiment with CA01 and CA05 at 7mm; CA02, CA03, CA04 are at 3mm. The reference position is CA04 on W104.
 +The seeing is pretty good at < 200 um. We are running with the mode that gives Tsys, but Tsys calibration doesn'​t seem to be working very well unfortunately.
 +ATCA lost DAS2 signal at 17:47 UTC due to a correlator block failure. Problem was noticed and corrected at 17:58.
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