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07:35UT ATCA drops out for RadioAstron survey run

08:45UT ATCA back on v252at

11:43UT Recording ground to a halt – issue with xcube

11:51UT Chris restarts recording on /data/xraid0 ATNF V009B

12:06UT assistance complains about ca02 being late to arrive on source. sure enough, ca02 tracking shows some quasi-periodic cycling around the source position without settling on it. This data may be flagged as being off-source, though is probably usable. Stopped caobs and restarted 10 secs later, and all came good.

12:40UT ATCA drops out for next RadioAstron survey run

13:45UT ATCA rejoins v252at

14:40UT ATCA drops out for last RadioAstron survey run

16:05UT ATCA back for the rest of the run :-)

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