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ATCA setup as follows:

DAS profile: on both DAS.

CA04 is at 7mm (it has the best noise diode for the 7mm frequency of 43532 MHz).

CA01,2,3,5 are at 3mm.

CABB IF1 is 7mm, IF2 is 3mm.

The tied array for IF1 is CA04 only, and for IF2 is CA02 only. Both tied arrays are linear polarisations.

The reference antenna is CA02 on N5.

IF1 is being recorded to the Xcube data disk /data. IF2 is being recorded onto the local disk ATNF V004A on cavsi2.

The ATCA CABB data is being recorded as project s16rd01b.

Shortly before the beginning of the experiment I did a pointing on 3C273 at 7mm. Other pointing scans were performed at (all times show when the main schedule was stopped to the time when it was back on source on main schedule):

11:39:00 - 11:48:20, on M87

12:45:00 - 12:54:00, on M87.

14:05:00 - 14:15:00, on 1212+171.

15:20:00 - 15:29:00, on M87.

16:51:00 - 17:00:20, on 1252+119.

Condition reports:

10:40 UTC, start of main schedule:

The weather is not good. I could barely see 1253-055 at 3mm on any baseline. The weather is not forecast to improve, and it is likely we'll have to stick with one antenna in the 3mm tied array for the duration.

14:15 UTC:

The radar shows plenty of rain around, albeit light. Still no chance of having more than a single antenna in the tied array.

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