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Observer: J Miller-Jones (Curtin) 12:18 UT: Correlator block 27 offline. Needed a reboot.
12:33 UT: Back observing again after help from Jamie S.
Amplitudes high (~3 Jy), stable, but different on different baselines (likely structure in Cen A field).
Phases all very stable on phase reference sources, spread out on target (=structure, again).
Delays also stable but spread out on target source.
1735 UT: ca05 started showing delay wander by up to 100ns, in AA only.
1807 UT: This had not resolved so I dropped ca05 from the tie in IF1. The next ATCA phasing scan didn't fix it either.
1815 UT: Correlator block 13 is offline - this is likely the cause of the ca05 issue. I don't *think* this is key for VLBI so will leave it for now. Jamie confirmed that it only affected IF1, so was not a problem for the VLBI, which is only using IF2.
2205 UT: ATCA seemed to stop observing for some reason. Seemed to fix the problem by itself. Jamie said (after the fact) that there was a correlator problem. Only noticed at 2220 UT. Missed ~15mins of observing.

CABB was in hybrid continuum and VLBI mode for this run. For flux density calibration of the continuum data, use the RPFITS file 2016-03-04_2242.VX024A, which contains 1934-638 data.

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