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ATCA setup:

We are running with a 10 second cycle time for sensitivity at 3mm.

IF1 to DAS1 is 7mm 43532 MHz. Tieing CA01 and CA05 together.

IF2 to DAS2 is 3mm 87032 MHz. Tieing CA02, CA03 and CA04 together.

Recording linear pols on both IFs. DAS1 is recorded to cavsi1 ATNF V002A, filenames n17cm01a_7mm. DAS2 is recorded to cavsi2 UTAS V001B, filenames n17cm01a_3mm.

Both DAS are running profile Since 7mm is USB and 3mm is LSB, one of these two bands will be inverted on disk.

The correlator reference antenna is CA02 on N5. With the reference antenna in the 3mm IF and not the 7mm IF, there is no guarantee the phases for the 15 baseline at 7mm will be the same for each polarisation; it would be best if the phases were calibrated separately for each polarisation.

The weather is pretty decent this morning. The seeing monitor reports RMS phase path differences of about 250 microns.

Pointing corrections are done for the entire array at 7mm (on 3C273), which requires leaving the main experiment. Times when the main experiment was not running are listed below. Although there isn't much point doing pointing when the sources are all over the sky…

Log (all UTC) [NB. automatic pcals are not included in this log]:

16:00:00 experiment start with tied array IF1: 15, IF2: 24 (phase is moving a bit too much to trust keeping CA03 in the 3mm tied array).

16:43:36 changed IF1 tied array to CA01 only, as I am worried that the phases between 1 and 5 are not properly being pcal-ed, and vis is suggesting the tied array amplitude of 15 B-pol is 0.

17:47:02, stopped the array, to do a pointing scan on 1322-427 (core of Cen-A). I figured pointing corrections closer to the main bunch of sources made more sense than doing it on 3C273. Corrections were less than 10 arcsecs on each antenna, although CA04 had a 9“ offset in az (ie. pointing was probably OK up until now). Was back on main schedule at 17:58:10.

20:10:00, experiment finished.

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