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v156g1 Setup:

Antennas Mp-At-Cd-Ho-Pa
Start 72 10:00:00
Stop 72 21:48:00
Channel 1 4800 - 4816 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 4816 - 4832 MHz USB RCP
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder S2
S2 Mode 32×4-2
DAS Mode
Buggary Cable out
Tape Change 72 15:59:00



NOTE: Setup has changed. Now Rcp only and frequency shift

Please observe 0537-441 starting 1hr before the start of experiment (09:00UT). Record to disk using: > vsib_record -t v156g1-XX -t 46800s -c ooxx where XX is your antenna ID (Pa,Cd etc)

I suggest you also run from the data directory > cd /my/data/dir > -age 4h


1302-638 has recently gone through it's eclipse, and it is known that there are frequency jumps when this occurs. Therefore timing observations of 1302-638 are worthwhile.

Emailed comments (repeating comments):

Files at (NOT INCOMING!!!!)

Exp. Code:  v156g1

Notes: PSR B1259-63 observation No 7. Part 1 @ 4816MHz

          Full pol. obs, i.e. both L&RCP. i.e buggery cable in
          Pulsar binned at AT (unless a problem). All in CATIE.
          CA CCC mode psr16_128-64. 12 hrs & 2 tape sets.
 Both polarisations centred at 4816.
  The experiment is ~ 12 hours so two sets of tapes are needed
Tape change is at ~16UT 
ATCA has a pulsar polyco but it maybe out of date. 
So Parkes will have to collect the filter bank so we can find the


Schedule at ATCA has been prepared, but nowhere else. Pulsar observations at ATCA require three things:

The CONFIG to be a pulsar one (psr16_128-64 in this case), MODE of the pulsar TARGET_NAME to be set to PSR and the polyco timing solution to be in caccc as ~corr/cor/pulsar/TARGET_NAME.polyco

These are setup

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