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V177a Setup:

Antennas At-Hh-Ho-Mp-Pa
Start 70 19:00:00
Stop 71 01:00:00
Channel 1 1719 - 1723 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 1719 - 1723 MHz USB LCP
Bandwidth 4 MHz
Recorder S2 & Disk
S2 Mode 8×4-2
DAS Mode
Buggary Cable in




NOTE: Can people please start in the South Wrap for ATNF telescopes.

This will be a dual S2 and Disk based recording session.

BG2 will be used via the output of the S2 recorders.

Information on the commands to be used for the disk based recorders will be posted here and via email.

vlba2sched_all has been run and the schedules for ATCA, Mopra, and Parkes distributed to those antennas

drudg has been run at the ATCA (v1ca), Mopra (v1mop), and Parkes (v1pks) to create the .snp and .prc files

Recorder Setup:

Ensure your timezone is set to UTC (setenv TZ UTC or export TZ=UTC)

Change to the directory where the data will be recorded to. And in the v177a subdirectory run the appropriate command for your telescope. This will start the recorder 3 minutes before the start of the schedule and run 3 minutes longer.


 /home/vlbi/evlbi/vsib/dstart 20050311T185659; /home/vlbi/evlbi/vsib/vsib_record -w 4 -t 22000s -c ooxx -o vt177a_at


 /home/vlbi/evlbi/vsib/dstart 20050311T185659; /home/vlbi/evlbi/vsib/vsib_record -w 4 -t 22000s -c ooxx -o vt177a_mp


 /home/vlbi/evlbi/vsib/dstart 20050311T185659; /home/vlbi/evlbi/vsib/vsib_record -w 4 -t 22000s -c oxox -o vt177a_pa


 dstart 20050311T185659; vsib_record -w 4 -t 22000s -c ooxx -o vt177a_ho
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