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VT002b1 Setup:

Antennas Pa-At-Mp-Ho-Cd
Start 68 11:00:00
Stop 69 16:00:00
Channel 1 8417 - 8433 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 8417 - 8433 MHz USB LCP
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder Disk
S2 Mode 32×4-2
DAS Mode
Buggary Cable in


Setup and fringe checks. Same setup as v131au. Please can you be on source by 11:30 UT. I have set the schedule to start at 08:00 UT in case you want to do local tests early.

This is a disk based experiment, but sending the data through the S2.

For this setup please check:

- S2 C2a output is connected to the VSIC via the BG2 cable - S2 uic feedthru is enabled (“uic feedthru on” on the S2)

- Record on the MRO recorders using the vsic_record program. The exact

 syntax depends on the S2 mode (ie whether you are using the buggary
 cable or not).

Buggary cable *in* (S2 mode 32×4-2) > vsib_record -t 30000s -o vt002b1_Ant -c ooxx

Buggary cable *out* (S2 mode 32a4-2) > vsib_record -t 30000s -o vt002b1_Ant -c oxox

Please create a directory for the the data before you start. At the end of the fringe test, the data can be deleted.

If you have questions, please call Chris on 02 67904031

vlba2sched_all run for ATCA, Mopra, and Parkes - schedules distributed to antennas

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