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VT002b1 Setup:\

Antennas Pa-At-Mp-Ho-Cd
Start 68 11:00:00
Stop 69 16:00:00
Channel 1 8417 - 8433 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 8417 - 8433 MHz USB LCP
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder Disk
S2 Mode 32×4-2
DAS Mode
Buggary Cable in

\ —-\


Setup and fringe checks. Same setup as v131au. Please can you be on source by 11:30 UT.\ I have set the schedule to start at 08:00 UT in case you want to do local tests early.\ \ \ \ This is a disk based experiment, but sending the data through the S2.\ \ For this setup please check:\ \ - S2 C2a output is connected to the VSIC via the BG2 cable\ - S2 uic feedthru is enabled (“uic feedthru on” on the S2)\ \ - Record on the MRO recorders using the vsic_record program. The exact\

 syntax depends on the S2 mode (ie whether you are using the buggary\
 cable or not).\

\ Buggary cable *in* (S2 mode 32×4-2)\ > vsib_record -t 30000s -o vt002b1_Ant -c ooxx\ \ Buggary cable *out* (S2 mode 32a4-2)\ > vsib_record -t 30000s -o vt002b1_Ant -c oxox\ \ Please create a directory for the the data before you start. At the end of\ the fringe test, the data can be deleted.\ \ If you have questions, please call Chris on 02 67904031\

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