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v183a Setup:

Antennas At-Mp-Pa-Ho-Cd-Hh-Sh
Start 135 21:00:00
Stop 136 21:00:00
PI Philip Edwards
Channel 1 4800 - 4816 MHz USB LCP
Channel 2 4816 - 4832 MHz USB LCP
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder S2
S2 Mode 32×4-2
DAS Mode
Buggary Cable out
Tape Change 136 02:56:00
Tape Change 136 08:56:00
Tape Change 136 14:56:00



Observation is in standard VSOP mode: two channels of LCP.

Note for ATCA observers: please do a scan on 1934-638 before the observation starts

Note for Parkes, Hart and Shanghai: a revised version of the schedule were uploaded to (named v183av2.skd etc).
The revised version keeps the tapes rolling through scans the telescope
is not involved in (to make life easier at the correlator).

The updated schedule also copied to above ftp area and renamed (CJP)

PCFS schedules at Mp, At (from version 1), at Pa from version 2. (AKT)

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