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vt01i1 Setup:

Antennas At-Mp-Pa-Ho-Cd
Start 134 11:30:00
Stop 134 16:30:00
PI Steven Tingay
Channel 1 2252 - 2268 MHz USB RCP DAS IFP1
Channel 2 2268 - 2284 MHz USB RCP DAS IFP1
Channel 3 2252 - 2268 MHz USB LCP DAS IFP2
Channel 4 2268 - 2284 MHz USB LCP DAS IFP2
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder Disk (direct, not via S2)
DAS Mode
Buggery cable out



This is a “pure” disk-based experiment:

1) Connect DAS to VSIC directly (no buggery cable) and then on to PC;

2) We run so that we get 2 x 16 MHz bands at each of RCP and LCP → we therefore need both RCP and LCP IFs connected to the DAS (if dual pol available). RCP on IFP1 and LCP on IFP2.

3) To record: vsib_record -t 6h -s 2005-05-14T11:30:00 -o vt01i_<antenna>

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