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vt02d2 Setup:

Antennas At-Mp-Pa-Ho-Cd-Ti
Start 133 02:30:00
Stop 133 03:30:00
PI Steven Tingay
Channel 1 2252 - 2268 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 2268 - 2284 MHz USB RCP
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder S2/disk
S2 Mode 32×4-2
DAS Mode
Buggary Cable out



Use BG2 and “uic feedthru on” on S2 to get data through the S2 and onto disk for fringe-check (fringe-check for v179/v181/vt01i)


Check the time on the S2 terminal! (due to the fact that it was unplugged for last experiment)

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