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ATCA tied array should use antennas 12345 in CATIE

(maximum baseline corresponds to ~2 arcmin at 13 cm. The required field of view is less than 0.5 arcmin, ~1/4 of the tied array beam)

Default polarisations should be used in CATIE

Use “channels 1 - 8” in disko

Connect DAS1 (2285 MHz centre) and DAS2 (2317 MHz) directly to VSIC1 va the Huygens cable to cavsi1

Record to the 4 partitions on the two sets of 7 x 500 GB drives mounted on cavsi1. xraid0, xraid1, xraid2, xraid3

Observing comments

Reference antenna ca03 on N14

tied array 12345C

tied array log started 13 UT

RCP/LCP in catie

fringes to HOB, ATCA, MOPRA, PARKES, CEDUNA during fringe-check period

cacal for phase at 17:27:00

Onsource in v188a at 17:30:00

Recorders started at 17:30:30

Data recorded to /data/xraid0 which is physical set “ATNF V002 A1 - A7”, first partition for first 6hrs of experiment (17:30 - 23:30 UT) and second partition /data/xraid1 for second 6hrs of experiment (23:30 - 05:30 UT).

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