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Data recorded on Swinburne set D8 - D14 and ATNF set V001 A1 - A7

Reference antenna set to ca03

Very bad RFI below central 32 MHz on lower IF (~1625 MHz). Occasionally RFI blows away the entire 1650 MHz band on short baselines - GLONASS passing through antenna beam (see the sidelobe pattern as it passes through!!).

Likely to be bad shadowing for antennas 2,3,4 due to configuration used for 20G survey (before and after these observations).

Stopped recording at ~02:22:30 UT: bigbuffer filling up and time stamps going haywire. probably due to manually removing test data and then fill start recording again.

Started recording again at: 02:31:20

Dropped the tied array back to antennas 1,4,5 at ~04:05 UT, due to shadowing of antennas 2 and 3. Started new tied array log at same time.

Some bad timestamps around 05:52 UT, due to disk cleaning. Stopped recording and manually removed the files.

Started recording again at: 06:00:50

Changed volume to /data/xraid1 at 06:46:00 UT

Some bad timestamps occur around 08:23 UT. Stopped recording and started again at 08:24:00 UT

Tied 12345 in catie. Started new log. New source rising. Shadowed for a start but will get better sensitivity as it rises and goes overhead.

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