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Data recorded on Swinburne set D8 - D14 and ATNF set V001 A1 - A7\ \ Reference antenna set to ca03\ \ Very bad RFI below central 32 MHz on lower IF (~1625 MHz). Occasionally RFI blows away the entire 1650 MHz band on short baselines - GLONASS passing through antenna beam (see the sidelobe pattern as it passes through!!).\ \ Likely to be bad shadowing for antennas 2,3,4 due to configuration used for 20G survey (before and after these observations).\ \ Stopped recording at ~02:22:30 UT: bigbuffer filling up and time stamps going haywire. probably due to manually removing test data and then fill start recording again.\ \ Started recording again at: 02:31:20\ \ Dropped the tied array back to antennas 1,4,5 at ~04:05 UT, due to shadowing of antennas 2 and 3. Started new tied array log at same time.\ \ Some bad timestamps around 05:52 UT, due to disk cleaning. Stopped recording and manually removed the files.\ \ Started recording again at: 06:00:50\ \ Changed volume to /data/xraid1 at 06:46:00 UT\ \ Some bad timestamps occur around 08:23 UT. Stopped recording and started again at 08:24:00 UT\ \ Tied 12345 in catie. Started new log. New source rising. Shadowed for a start but will get better sensitivity as it rises and goes overhead.\ \ Changed disk volume over to /data/xraid2 (ATNF V001 A1 - A7) at 12:30 UT. Restarted recording at 12:31:00 UT. Shadowing of antennas 234 sometimes pretty bad. RFI remains pretty bad but mostly out-of-band.\ \

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