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using Xraid disks labelled “Ho001 A1-7 (Slice A)“

observers: Giuseppe Cimo, Brett Reid, Jamie Stevens
weather: moderate west breeze. 50% cloud cover
center sky frequency is 1666 MHz

Agilent 1st LO is 4.1 GHz
IF to control room is 566 center
LCP only.
Injected LCP test tone is 20 dB larger in LCP than RCP at 1666 MHz. other
frequencies not as good.
LCP IF splits and mixed with 2 different 2nd LOs of 602 and 570 MHz.
DAS profile is VSOP_HO
1639 sky tone produces 5 MHz coherence tone in 1st channel
1671 sky tone produces 5 MHz coherence tone in 2nd frequency

There are one or 2 loud birdies in the pass bands.

First 1 minute and 50 seconds of experiment missed while slewing after we forgot to enter tape label.
Schedule was restarted a few minutes in to the schedule in order to run a correct snap file with recorder = “none” instead of “S2”.

Tsys values will be scaled later to produce the correct antab table.

FS was complaining of no synch so we made an experiment specific “midob” procedure which is the same as the generic station midob procedure but with the following line removed:
sy=run setcl adapt &
Synch errors went away after this.

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