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Time (UT) Comment
0000 DSS43 On source and recording on time

          Clear skies.\\

          Disks in use: set of four "HOB A" disks. Serial numbers are:\\
          On HDD      Caddy\\
          --------    ----------\\
          RAG4SWJB *  0529229175\\
          RAG4Z43B    0529229173\\
          RAG4Z4BB    0529229178\\
          RAH7TGGD *  0529229180\\

          Note that disks were removed from their caddies for recording but replaced for shipping.\\
          Disks marked with a * are not those originally shipped to Tid but come from the \\
          set of four from Tid that lost a disk following the last LBA session. These two were\\
          replaced in the process of debugging the problem with slow data rates when caddies were in use.\\
          The original disks are probably OK but there wasn't time to test them.\\

0100 Started recording non-test data in ./data/removable/v190c
0230 0628-28 pulses seen in total power. Impressive!

1230 Disk change…

          Next set of disks: Set of four marked "Tid A". Serial numbers are as follows:\\

1244 Recording again

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