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vc002 Setup:

Description Fringe Check for vt09a
Antennas Cd-Mp-At-Ho-Pa
Start 133 06:00:00
Stop 133 08:00:00
PI Chris Phillips
Channel 1 IFP#1-LO 8409 - 8425 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 IFP#2-LO 8457 - 8473 MHz USB RCP
Sky Frequency 8417, 8465 MHz MHz
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder Disk through S2
DAS Mode (or equivalent)



Single pol dual frequency setup required. Will need special DAS setup. Please see setup instruction on vt09a wiki.

Check S2 clock and S2 mode

Connect DAS to S2 (special cable at Narrabri). Connect VSIC to S2 using BG2 cable.

Record on /data/internal

Use RecordMode “Channel 1,2” in disko or (-c ooxx in vsib_record)

On S2 type “uic feedthru on” if not already enabled

Observing comments for each antenna:

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