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VT08A Setup:

Description Test K-band Geodesy
Antennas At-Cd-Ho-Mp-Pa
Start 136 13:00:00
Stop 136 14:57:50
PI Chris Phillips
Channel 1 IFP#1-LO 23472 - 23488 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 IFP#1-HI 23488 - 23504 MHz USB RCP
Channel 3 IFP#2-LO 23600 - 23616 MHz USB RCP
Channel 4 IFP#2-HI 23616 - 23632 MHz USB RCP
Skyfreq 23488, 23616 MHz
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder Disk
DAS Mode (telescope)



Dual frequency experiment. Requires non-standard DAS setup.

Connect DAS directly to VSIC

ATCA (only) Record using huygens cable. Modified version of disko is needed. Use ~vlbi/chris/evlbi-head/util/ Select record mode “Channels 1,2 & 5,6”. Do not phase up the array. Only use the reference antenna.

Everyone else use record mode 'Channels 1-4'.

This is a disk based experiment. Do NOT delete the data after recording!!!!

Record on /data/internal (expect Hobart which records onto /data/removable)

Please ensure previous fringe check data has been deleted before the start of the experiment (being caefuly not to delete valid data).

Observing comments for each antenna:

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