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Data recording to ATNF V016B.

RCP to both DAS inputs, SMY=777 MHz, SMX=809 MHz. Coherence check on all four bands using 841.4, 843.0, 844.6, 846.2 MHz, all ok. DAS profile, Agilent 14.0 GHz.

clock offset 0.02672

sunrise at 21:16, partly cloudy, wind 15 km/h.

03:37 due to wind and pointing direction, the antenna keeps momentarily losing and reaquiring the source, as seen in the observatory logs, whenever the wind tops ~30kmh.

05:55 wind again slightly messing with pointing

10:55 Light northerly breeze, some cloud cover (no stars visible).

13:13 Breeze has persisted. Now about 30km/hr.

15:00 Breeze has moderated. Cool. Some stars visible.

17:00 Light breeze, cool, some stars + moon visible.

19:15 Light breeze, cool, largely clear?

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