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Recording stared and finished on time… no major issues.

There were issues with telescope control. The controller some times would not start the tracking! Manual intervention helps to an extend, but we had to restart a couple of times, even re-power the drives!

Hence, Ak was either slow on source (but not too bad as it is so fast) or missed some scans. It was difficult to keep track with such rapid source changes. These hardware/firmware/software issues are being addressed but it dos not help here…

Times of known issues:
00:13:32, scan #5, had to re-attempt tracking.. late on-source
01:05 - servo-loop problem. late?
01:51 - restart needed. late?
~02:07 or before… late or may have missed scans \ 02:11:52 late?
04:11 - slow motion in wrong direction instead of track. late.. probably very short time on source
04:19:12 - not driving to source…
04:32 - tracking issue… late?
05:01 - late?
05:04 - late?
05:40:52 - missed 2 scans! Very difficult to start tracking…
06:08 - 06:21… scans missed.. had to power-cycle controller
06:26 - tracking issues… late?
…and there may be others that I missed..

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