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Recording to ATNF-V011/A1-A7 mounted as /data/xraid1

07:00:00 started as scheduled

Recorder problem at the beginning. 1PPS errors. File sizes zreated are not uniform, suggesting frequent recorder stop.

07:36:00 Switch to ATNF-V011/B1-B7 mounted as /data/xraid0

07:52:30 each file size has been 31MB, then back to 306 MB

08:06:20 recorder stopped, then restarted

08:13 ServerWarning, Header Time is offset from wall clock time by 1 sec

08:48 Stopped antenna for the first round, to be resumed after 13:30.

<Recorder is running all the time until 22:00>

14:01:32 on point for the second round

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