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-Recorded to ATNFV010A+The cryos are working again and we have one channel which appears to be behaving normally at ~400 Jy (LCP). RCP is high at ~2000 Jy. It looks like this is an issue with the LNA and can't be corrected today. We seem to be getting some in-band interference too.... 
 +DAS Profile PST16ULF.PRO (AGC off) 
 +Agilent 4.1 GHz 
 +SML01 592 MHz 
 +Coherence seen with tones of 165.5 MHz (Bandsplitter) and 166.5 MHz (Fine tuner) 
 +Recorded to ATNF V010A
 Weather, overcast, wind increasing from 15 to to 40 km/h Weather, overcast, wind increasing from 15 to to 40 km/h
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