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v187a Setup:

Antennas Pa-At-Mp-Ho-Cd
Start 306 04:00:00
Stop 307 05:00:00
Channel 1 8417 - 8433 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 8417 - 8433 MHz USB LCP
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder Disk through S2
DAS Mode at16s_[nf].pro
S2 Mode 32×4-2
Buggary Cable in



Fringe test for v187a please email or phone Chris (Mopra) when you are onsource. Allow enough time at end to start v178a schedule.

Setup is identical to v187a. Source is:

   1921-293 (19h24m51.055957s; -29d14'30.12112) J2000

Alternatively use S2 mode 32a4-2 without buggary cable. Either edit .skd file before running drudg, or edit .prc file after running drudge

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